Welcome to ZirconRealms!

In order to play on our Servers, you need our custom client, Cub3 {ku̇by}.
Cub3 is a magically enhanced version of CubeWorld, which adds more stability, performance and game quality in combination with our Servers. It will also protect you & the Servers from Hacks, Bugs or exploits that ruin the game experience. You won't be able to join without it.

 to get the Setup if you have the full game, if not,

Without installer (for those who are scared of false positives or think the setup is a virus or bla) (place in your cubeworld directory (mostly C:\Program Files (x86)\Cube World)):
 to get the ZIP if you have the full game, if not,

If you have cubeworld installed somewhere else than the default location, don't use the browse button from the installer, paste the path where all your cubeworld files are in!

Problems? Contact me at /u/Blubbll
I hope you will enjoy your time on my Servers! :)